J&J Pure White LED Replacement Bulb


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PureWhite® LED Replacement White In-Ground Pool & Spa Lamps are the brightest, most cost-effective alternative to inefficient incandescent lamps. They immediately and significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Plus, PureWhite Pro fits most standard pool light housings and comes with a highly durable Guardian™ silicone lens gasket made for use with LED lamps.

PureWhite® Pro Advantages:

  • $2.93 a year to operate; Up to $368/yr savings*
  • Energy efficient, 21 watts; 300 watt equivalent
  • Fully dimmable
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours – 20x longer life*
  • Replaces existing light bulb – eliminates the expense of housing replacement
  • Enhances pool water appearance – looks cleaner and clearer
  • Instant operating expense savings and break even within one year

*Compared to incandescent lamps


Please verify the size of your pool light before ordering. This light bulb replacement is for a pool and is larger than the spa light replacement. This unit is a 12 volt unit. Contact us for 120 volt units.


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