Leak Detection

Leak detection kit

Leak Detection

Tired of dealing with a high water bill? It time to let us check out that elusive leak.

What we do

We use a variety of tools to find the leak in your swimming pool, spa, or fountain. We can use an amplifier setup to listen to leaks in your pool. We have commercial dive units to dive your pool and check every inch of it. We are extremely thorough and thoughtful when it comes to giving you the answer to “Where is the leak”.

Our equipment is

  • The LT1000 Amplifier – The Patented leak detection amplifier, designed by LeakTronics to power all LeakTronics electrical components. This is the center of our system. This is used to listen for leaks in your pool. Once we have heard the leak then we use other methods of leak detection to verify the leak
  • The Deckplate – The Improved LeakTronics Deck Plate (TM) with advanced noise filtering technology makes listening through concrete, brick, rock or any other solid surface simple.
  • The Pool Scope: Highly Sensitive for listening throughout the entire pool shell.
  • The Pipe Mic: used to find leaks in pipes, main drains, return lines, skimmer lines, and more.
  • The Multi-Purpose Pipe Probe: For Listening under soil, aggregate and directly on pipes.
  • Video Scope with Dye Injection- This is used to visually inspect leaks. We have the ability to record the video to show you the customer.
  • Pressure Rig with Controllable Air & Water Valves- This is used to pressurize the lines. We introduce water and air into the lines and then use the deck plate to find the leak in the lines.
  • Dye test- We do dye test a pool especially when its a hard to reach leak. We do not want to give you a report on the locations of your leak without substantial evidence.

Commercial Dive Rig

We use a land based air supply to dive your swimming pool. This is used especially for testing main drain plugs and pop up cleaning heads.


More photos and information is coming soon.

diving mask


Jandy filter
Jandy Filter

Repairs & Installations

Looking to fix your equipment or upgrade your current system?

We can take care of it for you. Not only are we licensed by the state of Florida to renovate and repair swimming pools, but we are also quick and knowledgeable. Check out our shop for up to date pricing. You can piece together your repairs in your shopping cart and we have a flat hourly labor rate to install.

Pool Remodeling

Swimming pool

& more

Luxury swimming pool renovations

Time to pick out colors

Below are some of the brands we love to install. We are not limited to the items below. Please contact us directly for custom products.

National Pool Tile

Pool Tile

Check out the latest styles and types of different tiles here.

Premix Marbletite

Pool Plaster

Check out a variety of different pool plasters here.

Belgard catalog

Deck & Coping

Check out a variety of different pool decks and pool coping

Blue pool

Quality first

Quality over quantity is our motto when it comes to remodeling a swimming pool. We make sure the job is completed correctly and on time. 

Detail oriented

We want you to love your swimming pool and build what you imagined. Swimming pools are a large investment so why can’t it be what you wanted.

Red chairs by pool

Book today

Get a professional options on your different options. 45 minute consultation free of charge, contact us for more information.

Pool Cleaning

pool service

Pool Cleaning Service

If you’re a lucky owner of a pool, we can make you even happier by taking care of all the maintenance.

Each single member of our pool maintenance crew is skilled enough to make any kind of a check

We keep up to date with the latest equipment and tools to keep your pool crystal clear.

Try out of service for two weeks risk-free and no strings attached. If you don’t love us then let us go.

We make sure the water is balanced out and clear. If there is an issue, we correct it.

The pool is vacuumed, brushed, and skimmed. We make sure the pool sparkles.

The filter and baskets should be cleaned to keep the water circulating correctly. We make sure to check them and clean these items routinely.

Our customers love our service

Barry O.
Barry O.
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Prompt, thorough, excellent! We are grateful to have found Luke and appreciate his professionalism.
Carol C.
Carol C.
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Very professional , they know the systems , , they know what they are doing , keeping the right balance of water condition .
Scott H.
Scott H.
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"I'd look no further than Luke for pool service in the Central Florida region."